Client Story: Sarah

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Our client, Sarah, has been through a tumultuous few years.  She was diagnosed with cancer, losing her hair during chemotherapy.  Her marriage was crumbling and her husband became abusive.  During a particularly violent episode, she fled to her sister’s home with her three daughters.  Her sister helped her file for divorce but the judge ordered that her daughters continue at their schools near their father’s home, 45 minutes from her sister’s home.  She did not obtain interim support payments for her or the children.  Without income, she was financially dependent on her husband.  Sarah returned to her husband because she did not want her daughters left alone with their abusive father as the Court had ordered. The legal system failed her.

The following year, Sarah again fled from abuse her sister’s home.  With the help of JAMLAC, she obtained a protection order and filed for divorce.  When her now ex-husband violated the protection order, he was charged with a criminal offense.  Sarah is positioned to make the transition to safety and financial independence.  JAMLAC is helping Sarah obtain temporary and permanent child support so that she will not be drawn back into the cycle of abuse.