A Volunteer’s Experience at JAMLAC

A Volunteer’s Experience at JAMLAC

My name is Andrew Dunkin and I am a family law attorney in Commerce City. I wanted to write a brief description of my experiences with JAMLAC to highlight the wonderful people I have worked with and the transformational impact this organization is having on people’s lives.

I have had the opportunity to handle two cases through JAMLAC. One case involved a young mother who got pregnant in high school and who has been a victim of domestic violence. We fought for our client to have primary custody and decision-making for the child. We were successful in obtaining both of these goals. During this case, I had the opportunity to get to know a wonderful, sweet young lady and her amazing 4-year-old. She has struggled coming to the U.S. as an undocumented immigrant and has faced a lot of trials and tribulations. Life has not been easy for her. To be able to help her and her son is one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life.

The second case I took through JAMLAC involved a truly terrible situation where our client married a man who was later arrested for sexually molesting our client’s teenage daughter. We are still in the process of obtaining a divorce for our client, but we have removed the burden on her to deal with the process on her own. She has told me several times how thankful she is that myself and JAMLAC have come to her aid and allowed her to have representation in her divorce when she would otherwise be alone.

I know that these clients, and all of JAMLAC’s clients, appreciate that when they are in their darkest hour, with their greatest need for help, someone is willing to step in and provide the assistance they need.

It must be mentioned that the entire staff at JAMLAC has been wonderful to work with and has been so welcoming, nice, and helpful the entire time. From the moment I walked in, they welcomed me in with open arms. The JAMLAC staff made me feel like family. They have done crucial work on the cases I have taken and always been available to help with anything that comes up. They have been mentors and friends and I am very thankful to do my part to help the organization.

Reaching out to and getting involved with JAMLAC is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I look forward to continue seeing the positive impact JAMLAC is making on the world.

~Andy Dunkin