Doors of Hope: JAMLAC’s Partnership with CLS Clinics

Doors of Hope: JAMLAC’s Partnership with CLS Clinics

How many times have you found yourself stuck in Denver’s downtown traffic and encountered a homeless person walking on the sidewalk next to you? Sometimes, these encounters force us to appreciate and value all the blessings we have in our lives. For the heroes at the Christian Legal Society of Metro Denver, these are opportunities to act, to serve God, and to transform lives for a brighter Colorado.

Every day, through the clinics, many people find light and mercy from volunteer attorneys. The doors of these clinics are the doors of hope. Marcus happens to be one of the many who have found the clinics as one of his blessings. He was struggling with addiction and trying to get back on his feet. He had an arrest warrant for failure to appear for a traffic violation and was about to lose everything. Luckily, he attended one of the clinics to seek help.

One of the clinic’s volunteer attorneys took the case and figured out the best way to navigate Marcus’ legal situation. This attorney was able to make many phone calls, find out alternative options that did not require hundreds of dollars in payments, worked with the case manager, and ultimately obtained a new court appearance date for Marcus to clear his warrant.

There is nothing worse than feeling lost, alone, and helpless. Becoming poor and homeless is not based on a one-time event. In most cases, it is caused by many unresolved problems, where one serious legal issue can leave a person out on the streets. Knowing the impact of solving one small legal issue, is why JAMLAC is proud to partner with CLS to help people like Marcus. These legal aid clinics located throughout Denver are designed for clients and situations where the clinic attorney can prioritize, make phone calls, and provide creative solutions in short periods of time for a client in need.

A big thank you to all the volunteer heroes for putting their capes on through giving their time, knowledge, and heart at the clinics. You are truly making a difference in someone’s life. Again, thank you!