General Air Inspiring Their Employees to Make the Difference

General Air Inspiring Their Employees to Make the Difference

Located just across the highway from our offices, General Air has had a long history with Mile High Ministries (MHM) and JAMLAC. In 2016, they became one of JAMLAC’s Impact Partners, giving access to justice to the most vulnerable people in our community. This month, JAMLAC selected them as one of the Impact Partners that inspire, not only because they are the largest independently owned welding supply company in Colorado, but because they truly honor God, Family, Community, and Nation in all they do as part of its core principals.

JAMLAC and General Air share these values as well as the opportunity to provide direct support and witness the transformation of someone’s life in our community. One of JAMLAC’s former clients, and now friend, Mina, started working at General Air in a temporary position a few years ago. Now, she is thriving in her position, and her son has also started to work and succeed at General Air. This opportunity changed their life.

In 2018, JAMLAC invited General Air to receive an award at our Donors Appreciation event for their many contributions to the community. To our pleasant surprise, Mina was part of the group that attended. When we called General Air to take a picture with the award, their leadership encouraged Mina to accept the recognition. They knew it was an acknowledgment to all its employees who make it possible for them to donate and honor the community.

General Air is owned and managed by the Armstrong Family and has been for three generations. They give so much credit to their employees that they proudly honor them by stating they are owners, too.  It is evident by the ways in which they empower and care for their employees, like Mina, and generously give back to the community that they are truly an example of a community responsible company. Thank you, General Air, for inspiring us every day!