“I can change someone’s life”

“I can change someone’s life”

“The day I decided to take this big step in my life was when one of my children told me that I never finished anything…”

Vicky, JAMLAC Receptionist, is the first person our clients see when seeking legal help. Her job can be as complicated as that of a psychologist. Her determination to succeed is crucial for the organization.

“I remember a client who asked what I had done to start working at JAMLAC. She was a victim of abuse who came in depressed, with her clothes full of cement and paint. She told me one day, “whenever I see you and you tell me not to give up, it motivates me to keep going because I know that one day I will be able to get ahead like you did.” When she told me that she admired me and thanked me, I knew, at that moment, I was in the right place. That I can change someone’s life. That I can inspire someone.”

Vicky first learned of JAMLAC when a friend told her about the program and she attended a Citizenship Workshop. During the citizenship process, Vicky was asked what made her take this important step toward becoming a citizen? Vicky explained, “the day I decided to take this big step in my life was when one of my children told me that I never finished anything” That day, I knew that they were going to be a reflection of me. I decided to go back to school and attend the workshop. I felt that my children would not follow my advice, but rather, my example.”

After gaining her citizenship, Vicky started working at JAMLAC as a receptionist. And, at 43, she is now enrolled in school to complete a paralegal program!

“The main reason why I remain at JAMLAC is because JAMLAC puts God before all. In JAMLAC, the dignity of people is always first. I know that we can’t take all the cases that come in, but at least people can feel heard. We always give great value, not just to the case, but to the person themselves. When people feel heard – that is a great achievement.”

Vicky is one of those people who inspire. In fact, she invests a lot of her own time in promoting workshops in her church, school, radio, etc. She knows that the mission is only complete when she goes that extra mile. Lastly, she has always expressed great confidence and faith in God through all her work, believing that He is present in every corner of JAMLAC.