JAMLAC Awarded the Arapahoe County 2022 Aid to Agencies Grant

JAMLAC Awarded the Arapahoe County 2022 Aid to Agencies Grant

JAMLAC is excited to announce that it was awarded the Arapahoe County 2022 Aid to Agencies grant. Thank you to the Arapahoe County Board of County Commissioners for supporting justice in our city and for trusting our organization. With the Arapahoe County Aid to Agency grant in the amount of $30,000, JAMLAC plans to provide legal services for low-income victims in Arapahoe County, so they will have the ability to leave abusive situations, have a safety plan, know their legal rights, have support through the legal process, and receive justice.

GOAL1: The Project Legal Team (Family Law Attorneys; Immigration Attorneys; Paralegals; and Legal Victim Advocate) will provide legal representation, consultation, and/or advocacy for 45 clients in Arapahoe County who otherwise could not afford an attorney and would be left without access to justice.

GOAL 2: The Pro Bono Director will recruit, mobilize, and equip seven volunteers to provide 100 or more hours of service for clients in Arapahoe County.

GOAL 3: 90% of clients served will report having a greater knowledge and understanding of their legal rights and feel safer and less alone as a result of working with JAMLAC staff.

JAMLAC is honored and excited to bring justice to those who struggle with poverty and oppression and we wish to express our gratitude. Thank you for supporting the community, THANK YOU!