JAMLAC Becomes Independent!

JAMLAC Becomes Independent!

Thank you for being part of JAMLAC’s history & our new beginning!

Our donors are invaluable! We are excited to have so many of you join JAMLAC’s new journey as an independent organization. We are beyond grateful to have the support of volunteers, churches, foundations, government, board members, impact partners and donors like you who believe that justice should be accessible to everyone. 

We have gotten here, together:

We depend on your support to continue growing and, most importantly, to affirm our clients’ dignity and strengthen their capacity to positively direct their own lives.

Yes! Together, we are enriching the lives of others in the Lord’s name. Back in 2006, our office was a converted motel room at Joshua Station. The room was small, but the need to provide legal services to low-income families was big. Thanks to your support, JAMLAC eventually grew to three converted motel rooms—with two bathrooms converted into attorney offices. Those attorneys started to help more individuals and their children with immigration issues, protection orders, marriage dissolutions, and abusive situations. Most importantly, because you helped us hire more attorneys, families are recovering their dignity and getting new opportunities to succeed.  

The success wouldn’t be possible without volunteer and donor support! We are serving more than 2,000 people annually and are beginning a new chapter as we became an independent 501(c)(3) this July.

Thank you for celebrating the lives transformed over the last 15 years! Now we can look to the future as we continue to walk alongside those experiencing injustice.

What’s Next? Can we do more? Yes!

Here is the sneak peek into JAMLAC’s Vision for growth:

Christian Legal Aid is rare. There are only 10 full service Christian legal aid centers in the U.S. JAMLAC wants to be a model for new centers to open across the country.

In house, JAMLAC provides Family Law and immigration services –but what do low-income people do if they need help with elder law, bankruptcy, housing and or other legal matters? JAMLAC hopes to address more civil legal areas.

We have to turn away 30-40 people per month who need immigration services. The need is great and we know legal help can be life changing. JAMLAC desires to serve and empower more underserved communities to reach their full potential.