JAMLAC Partnering with the Mexican Consulate

JAMLAC Partnering with the Mexican Consulate

Marlene Bedoya, Communications Manager & Development Officer, Antonio Portilla, Consul for Protection and Legal Affairs & Miriam Miranda Legal Advocate and PALE liaison.

JAMLAC is fortunate to partner, once again, with the Mexican Consulate to better serve the legal needs of the Mexican immigrants living in Colorado and other Consulate jurisdictions for the period of 2021 – 2024. 

In the past we have participated in the PALE program (External Legal Assistance Program) and give informative talks on legal matters that affect Mexican nationals residing in our state. This month we are excited and proud to be one of the many organizations that continue to collaborate with the Mexican Consulate through the PALE program and in many other capacities. 

Thank you for trusting JAMLAC and for helping us fulfill our mission of seeking justice of those who are struggling with poverty and oppression.