JAMLAC’S lobby: Where magic transformation begins! 

JAMLAC’S lobby: Where magic transformation begins! 

Many of us start 2020 with new dreams and aspirations. The beginning of a new year is always a great reminder that we can start fresh. This is one of JAMLAC’s everyday goals, providing fresh starts!

The people who make JAMLAC possible have different roles; however, in the end, we all have one goal in mind – to bring justice to those who are struggling with poverty and oppression so they can face new and bright beginnings. Regardless of the day at JAMLAC, there is always a feeling of new beginnings in the faces of people waiting in the lobby.

The lobby, a simple waiting room with six chairs and a box of toys for children to play, is where a life-changing feeling begins for victims of abuse. There, you can feel their pain and desperation while waiting to see an attorney with only the hope to be heard. Many prefer to keep their sunglasses on to cover their tears. Others try to cover their fear by shaking their feet and cracking their fingers. In most cases, what they are about to do is an act of bravery and a huge step toward bettering their lives. They are about to start a fight for their dignity by seeking legal help against their abusers.

While they are waiting for hope, JAMLAC’s receptionist is trying to answer three calls at the same time. Those calls can seem very routine.  However, those very calls, are also the beginning of something magical: the opportunity to schedule an appointment and to embark on a life-changing journey by sitting in one of those six chairs.

For many of us, these little details can seem insignificant. But, when you stop to think about the possibilities a simple appointment with a JAMLAC attorney can open up, you can truly realize the importance of YOUR support and the impact it has. One legal representation means changing the destiny of a family in a positive way. It means another healthy family in our community.

Whether you are a donor, volunteer, or someone who works at JAMLAC, every time you cross the lobby, remember that YOU made these hopes and new beginnings possible. And, most importantly, that YOU have the power to change lives!