Jerry Orten, from Orten Cavanagh Holmes & Hunt, Expresses His Passion for Legal Aid

Jerry Orten, from Orten Cavanagh Holmes & Hunt, Expresses His Passion for Legal Aid

As a nation where the rule of law matters, access to legal services is very important and yet a challenge for so many.  When problems arise, solutions are frequently unavailable without legal assistance.  This is why the probono services of JAMLAC are nothing short of inspiring!

We first learned of JAMLAC in 2008, as a part of fund raising event we were providing for a related entity – Joshua Station.

We were initially drawn to Joshua Station to support its mission to provide transformative housing.

After aiding Joshua Station and with input from Jeff Johnsen and Steve Thompson, our focus changed to JAMLAC – due to its need for funding, the cut backs from government block grants and JAMLAC’s similarity to our firm’s mission and values.

Partnering with the community to provide innovative solutions to real problems is what we at Orten Cavanagh Holmes & Hunt strive to achieve.

Since turning our efforts to support JAMLAC, we have developed strong relationships with Steve Thompson, Jose Escobar, Sulma Mendoza, Nikki Koster and so many more at the Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Center.

We are excited to once again co-host HOA Oktoberfest with the team at Kerrane Storz to benefit JAMLAC!  Through this special fundraising event, our own contributions and those of many others provide much needed funds to JAMLAC which aids in its ability to offer probono or reduced cost legal representation to the impoverished and underprivileged communities in and around Denver.

Justice for those who are disadvantaged and without financial means is very important to our community and all at our law firm.  We value making a difference through providing legal services and seeking a result that is based in the law, which is why we have been honored to co-host HOA Oktoberfest with JAMLAC as our beneficiary for the past eight years.

However, access to legal services is not limited just by money –

it is also limited by awareness.  How many in our community are unaware that they may be able to get legal services without cost or at reduced cost?  Our hope is that with the knowledge gained by each guest of HOA Oktoberfest, from the introduction on services offered, to the success stories of community members who’ve benefitted from JAMLAC’s assistance, awareness will continue to spread through the Denver community.

At Orten Cavanagh Holmes & Hunt we highly value the rule of law, access to legal services by all, and solutions that bring value and solve problems.   Aligned with our values is providing funding to JAMLAC so the attorneys, paralegals, and staff at JAMLAC can bring value and solutions to those disadvantaged and without financial means.