Ludy’s American Dream!

Ludy’s American Dream!

You have the opportunity to help someone achieve the American Dream! 

Ludy, a 69-year-old Venezuelan grandmother, never imagined becoming U.S. citizen until she heard about JAMLAC’s Citizenship Workshops on the radio.

“When I came to JAMLAC, I knew I was finally in the right place,” She excitedly expressed.  “I came to the States in 2010. Leaving my home country was very hard, but it was inevitable. The conditions there were and are critical. This country gave me a second opportunity to succeed,” Ludy stated. She had to start all over again. She began work as a housekeeper and embarked on learning the difficult English language. Ludy stated that her dream to become a citizen felt very far away. However, her life changed after attending one of JAMLAC’s workshops.

At the workshop, Ludy was guided through filling out the application and met with an Immigration Attorney.  Her application was ready and she prayed as she put it in the mail. After attending three ESL schools and spending months watching YouTube videos, she learned English. Eight months later, she had her naturalization interview and passed all of the tests necessary to become a U.S. Citizen!

She is now able to get a better job, vote, apply for a US passport, petition for her family to be reunited, and have the assurance that she will not be deported.

Ludy is the perfect example of how we can all transform lives through unity and JAMLAC’s programs. Thank YOU for making this possible!

“Thank YOU to all who made my American Dream possible”.