“Ms. Happy Dance” Attorney Tina Diaz,  Closes a Chapter at JAMLAC”

“Ms. Happy Dance” Attorney Tina Diaz, Closes a Chapter at JAMLAC”

After 10 years of dedicated service to JAMLAC, Tina Diaz has opened a new chapter in her life and accepted a full-time teaching position at the Community College of Denver last month. Tina led JAMLAC’s Immigration Department since its inception in 2009.

That same year Ruthie, one of our first immigration clients, came to us seeking help after being abused by her husband. Tina, as she did with all of her many clients, helped Ruthie receive immigration relief. Three years later, Ruthie was eligible to apply for Legal Permanent Residence and after six years more she was able to apply to become a citizen.

Since 2009, Tina successfully represented over 1000 immigrants from 20+ countries with a 98% success rate. JAMLAC will undoubtedly miss an excellent attorney. Above all, JAMLAC will miss Tina’s dedication and unconditional love for her clients and career. She was the first person to be in the office and the last person to leave. Her passion for helping the community is reflected in everything she does. Women, children, and entire families cried tears of joy in her arms. Many because they saw her as a beacon of hope and, a symbol of a new future. She would surprise clients with approval notices allowing them to remain in the US. She scheduled those meetings as “Happy Dances!” in her calendar. We will always cherish how truly happy she made others feel.

Tina closes her chapter at JAMLAC the same month Ruthie becomes a US citizen and fully reaches the American dream. When Ruthie received her citizenship certificate and waived the US flag as a sign of triumph, for us at JAMLAC, that symbolic act represents all of the lives that Tina was able to touch, empower, and transform in the last decade. These triumphs set up hundreds to be better members of our community and Tina was a catalyst and driving factor behind this. Tina, “Ms. Happy Dance”, thank you for all your passion for helping those who struggle with poverty and oppression. You will be greatly missed.