My Most Important Phone Call –  A Journey Towards Success!

My Most Important Phone Call – A Journey Towards Success!

Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. In the end, it’s the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill.

Ten years ago, Carmen, mother of two, never would have imagined waking up every morning and heading to work in her own restaurant. In 2010, she was suffering and depressed from her (now ex-) husband’s physical abuse. Her recovery took years. However, it only took one call to put her on a journey towards success.

“I guess I never realized he was abusing me. He was an alcoholic and I remember that I always tried to justify his behavior by telling myself he was just drunk,” said Maria. “The insults and beatings escalated to the point where my two-year-old daughter also became his victim. One night he came home drunk and was arguing with me. He punched me in the face while my daughter was present, fighting with me right in the middle of us. That night, something or someone from above gave me the strength to seek help.”

Maria finally called the police, but her journey did not end there. Her husband used to control her life in every aspect. Calling the police was not enough for her to feel safe. Maria was, in fact, facing the most dangerous time for a victim of domestic violence: challenging the perpetrator’s power and control (source: National Domestic Violence Hotline). When victims of abuse decide to leave the abuser, in most cases, the abuser tends to retaliate and use all their resources to destroy the victim.

This is one of the many reasons why victims of domestic violence need an attorney. Legal aid helps vulnerable victims navigate the complicated family law legal system so they can take control of their lives again.

“My true success started when I called JAMLAC,” Maria shared. “They were able to help me with the custody of my daughter and with my divorce. For the next three years after that, I had to have two jobs. I worked 16 hours a day. I remember I only saw my daughters when they were sleeping, which was at five in the morning when I would leave and at ten at night when I would come back home from work. Tough days. But everything was worth it! I was able to learn a lot and now look at me… I’m the owner of a restaurant!”

Maria perfectly embodies JAMLAC’s mission. JAMLAC is here not only to help victims get a divorce, but to also give them the legal power and emotional support they need so they don’t return to abusive relationships.

JAMLAC is here because of supporters like YOU! You made the changes in Maria’s life – and so many lives like hers – possible. THANK YOU!