Reunited After 17 Years Apart and Giving Others Hope

Reunited After 17 Years Apart and Giving Others Hope

Last month, Carmen, one of JAMLAC’s amazing paralegals, joined Samantha, an immigration client, in celebrating that she could reunite with her daughter after 17 years apart thanks to her U-visa application approval. Further, Samantha brought her daughter into the office lobby and handed Carmen a $200 donation! Carmen knows Samantha’s income, and we all know this was a big show of faith. Samantha insisted on giving back to help other families who are desperate for an opportunity to be able to hug their children again.

With Samantha’s donation, we will be able to provide legal immigration advice to more people who are struggling with poverty, oppression, or abuse. 

We often say that our lobby is a place where transformation begins. It is a small room where oppressed families, single mothers, and children wait for an opportunity that could change their lives. We are happy that Samantha didn’t only take that opportunity, but she is giving others hope to make their own dreams come true.

THANK YOU for being an example of our vision of fostering healthy communities where transformed and empowered individuals and families contribute to the community’s well-being.