“Rob knew that this client needed a second opportunity to thrive. “

“Rob knew that this client needed a second opportunity to thrive. “

Rob is an extremely busy person, but he always finds the time to go the extra mile.

A certified mediator and practicing attorney who serves as a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Panel Trustee, Rob spends the majority of his time focusing on creditor and debtor representation in consumer and corporate bankruptcy. He has also been appointed as a Chapter 11 Trustee, Examiner, and Liquidating Agent. Rob has administered over 8,000 Chapter 7 bankruptcy estates and has been involved in hundreds of lawsuits, both in bankruptcy and civil law. He has experience in a broad range of legal areas including civil litigation, contract drafting/disputes, domestic relations, bankruptcy litigation, and real property.

Even with a packed schedule, he always takes the time to care for those who cannot afford justice. Rob has been a long-time volunteer and a donor to JAMLAC’s program for over a decade. He has inspired many of the people at JAMLAC to continue to live the profession with passion. Rob demonstrates his commitment to practicing law by being a part of our Pro Bono Project and providing JAMLAC’s clients the highest quality of legal services. His mission is to create an environment focused on the people he represents and their personal and inner growth as individuals.

Among all the cases he has taken, Shelly Dill, our Pro Bono Project Director, specifically recalls one of them. “I can’t thank Rob enough for transforming the life of one of JAMLAC’s clients. I remember one specific case that moved everyone’s hearts here at JAMLAC. A young adult went blind and her car was repossessed because she could no longer work or drive. He took her bankruptcy case and helped her discharge her debt related to the car that she no longer owned nor could drive.”

For many attorneys, this could seem as a mere legal service, but Rob takes it seriously and as something of great importance. He knew that this client needed a second opportunity to thrive. We can all be assured that Rob is accomplishing his philosophy and mission in each case he takes.

Rob describes himself as a voracious reader of historical fiction and fantasy, and technology seems to take more of his time than it should! He enjoys wilderness excursions with his family, and his other many hobbies include writing, fly fishing, skiing, mountain biking, paintballing, and gardening.

We at JAMLAC describe Rob as one of the most inspiring supporters and volunteer heroes. Thank you for your generosity and endless support!

Find more about Rob’s work @ www.cohenlawdenver.com