That inner voice saying,  “if only I had an opportunity”

That inner voice saying, “if only I had an opportunity”

There are times in our lives when we know we have what it takes to succeed, or to reach our full potential, but we can’t. Most of us have felt that inner voice saying, “if only I had an opportunity.”  Many people who live in poverty feel the same way. They too, have dreams, they too have many incredible qualities, and they too have the potential to succeed, “if only they had a chance.”

Marisa is one of these individuals. Marisa is a domestic violence survivor who lives each day afraid for her safety and alone with her three children, one with down syndrome. She left her abusive husband after he threw her and the children out on the street with their belongings. Until she recently lost her job, Marisa would commute an hour and a half to work each day to clean houses.

Amazingly, her inner voice gave her the strength and courage to pursue a better life. She knows she can thrive, but needs a helping hand. She has dreams, knows how to work hard and loves her family above all. With your help, her hope is that a resolution to her child support and custody case will provide the first step toward a safer place to live and a higher quality of life for her children.

Thankfully, many of us receive this helping hand that improves our lives, and YOU can be that hand for others in need. Like many others, YOU too, can compassionately share your resources and be that missing piece to help Marisa and others reach their full potential.

Thank you for joining us on the journey toward a better community!