The Importance of Partnerships

The Importance of Partnerships

When active collaboration from partnering organizations exists, wonderful things can be achieved.

Last June, JAMLAC was honored to be selected as the official organization for the PALE Program for the Mexican Consulate in Denver – The Mexican Government’s Program of Legal Assistance to Mexicans. We are proud to be teaming up with the Mexican Consulate to help with the specific legal needs of Mexican nationals in Colorado.

“ The General Consulate of Mexico in Denver appreciates the ongoing collaboration of Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Clinic (JAMLAC),
an organization that has supported different actions in favor of the Mexican community, with workshops of great importance such as;“Know your rights”, “Family Protection Plan”,
“Legal Consultations”, and “Citizenship” in which more than 800 people were benefited.”

Together, we were able to reach and will continue to reach the most under-represented populations here in Denver and often-forgotten remote communities such as Greeley, Glenwood Springs, Cheyenne and Colorado Springs with legal workshops. Rosa is just one of those who attended one of our workshops:

Rosa’s only option for assistance with her domestic violence situation was to attend a church workshop sponsored by the Mexican Consulate. Many victims of violence or people in oppressive situations find solace in workshops offered through community partnerships with the Mexican Consulate, like the one Rosa attended.

After the workshop, with tears on her face, she approached and hugged Marlene Bedoya, one of the presenters and JAMLAC’s Communications Coordinator. Rosa suffered severe violence at the hands of her husband—he also destroyed all her documentation and was constantly demeaning her. The workshop, JAMLAC staff, and the Consulate representatives gave Rosa hope of regaining her identity and legal documents.

Many of these immigrants have little substantial support outside of their family and parish communities. These partnerships are designed to bring hope and to strengthen community members who are confused, afraid and/or misinformed on immigration and enforcement issues. Hopefully, they will to continue to help people like Rosa.

Workshops can address common problems and issues that the community faces daily. Participants feel safe sharing their insights and thoughts surrounded by professionals and by other people who are facing their same fears. Workshops are an incredible opportunity not only for the community, but also for those who want to help the community. It allows for open-floor discussion on a common fear or problem that eventually allows leaders to identify the main concerns and necessities of those who struggle with poverty and oppression.

At the workshop Rosa attended, Immigration Attorneys Tina Diaz and Sulma Mendoza not only gave hope of a new beginning to Rosa, but they also provided strength to the other 55 members of the community who attended by providing them with information on their rights and ways to protect their family in an emergency. JAMLAC’s emergency protection plan not only helps to protect the parents, but also their children, since 4.7 million undocumented adults are parents of minor children, including 3.8 million whose children are U.S. citizens (Center for American Progress). JAMLAC and the Consulate had the opportunity to hear and express solutions to their main concerns and obstacles to execute an emergency plan.

As a result of these positive experiences, and coupled with their professionalism and commitment, JAMLAC was selected to participate in The Mexican Government’s Program of Legal Assistance to Mexicans (PALE).”
– Antonio Portilla Montemayor. Consul of Legal Affairs in Denver.

The successful alliance with the Mexican Consulate has given JAMLAC the opportunity to collaborate with Centro San Juan Diego and the consulates of Peru, Guatemala and El Salvador in an effort to intensify the message of “You Are Not Alone” among the immigrant community.