The Judge’s Orders Were More Strict

The Judge’s Orders Were More Strict

The most important thing a parent can do for their children is to love them and keep them safe.

Today, we are beyond happy to learn that a Judge ruled in favor of our client Carmen who, in an act of love, was trying to keep her daughter safe. Carmen sought legal help to protect her 6-year-old daughter from her dad who was in jail for attempted sexual assault and child abuse against her half-sister.

Thanks to JAMLAC’s Attorney, Elizabeth Davidson, and Paralegal, Claudia Rueda, the judge issued an order that protected Carmen and her daughter from future trauma. The judge’s orders were even more strict than what we were even asking for – dad is not allowed to have any contact with daughter at all. When he gets out of jail, the judge ordered that he complete a psychosexual evaluation, mental health evaluation, and domestic violence and substance abuse evaluations. He must then engage in any recommended treatment for 2 years as well as be fully compliant with his parole and criminal sentences. IF he does that, he can then ask for a modification hearing, but not before – this is just to petition for contact with the child, there is still no guarantee.

This was a huge relief for our client who has been very worried about dad having contact with their daughter. Thank you for helping us safeguard a life.

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