“The Power of Partnerships”

“The Power of Partnerships”

Last week, in partnership with Christian Legal Society (CLS), JAMLAC reopened the Denver Rescue Mission legal clinic. The clinic is meeting every Friday of the month from 1-4 PM.  The amazing staff at The Crossing are committed to helping change the lives of those in their community in the name of Christ by organizing clinic appointments and connecting their clients to needed legal assistance.

Shelly Dill, JAMLAC Pro Bono Director, is doing the heavy lifting by staffing the clinic until we find more volunteers for the mission.  One of the BIG changes is that instead of having the clinic downtown, it is now located at Denver Rescue Mission’s The Crossing, which is located at 6090 Smith Road in Denver.

This is very exciting since it is a larger location! The Denver Rescue Mission has been serving people experiencing homelessness and poverty in our community since 1892 and we are honored to partner in their mission. CLS and JAMLAC couldn’t have done this without the support and work of our constituents, donors, and volunteers.

Thank you for being an example and inspiration of how to share the love of Christ with others, through critical services and life-changing programs.