Vanessa’s Passion for Helping and Transforming Lives

Vanessa’s Passion for Helping and Transforming Lives

“I believe in this cause because I too am a survivor of domestic violence.” 


Vanessa Guzman

Real Estate Agent, JAMLAC’s Board Member and Impact Partner Supporter.

Today we want to highlight one of our truly inspiring and most engaging Board Members and donors, Vanessa Guzman! Vanessa is a real estate agent in the Denver area who also holds a Master of Arts in Christian Studies Theology.

Vanessa’s philosophy is that she “may not have all the answers, but [she] knows where to turn to get them.” This is what drove Vanessa to action when she first heard that a woman who was staying at her house was suffering from domestic violence. “I was her pastor, and she was coming out of a situation where she was vulnerable and apprehensive to involve the police because of her immigration status in the US. She had been referred to JAMLAC and I had never heard of them; I accompanied her to her visit and was in awe at the gentle, thoughtful care that she was provided from the attorney that helped her on her case. This left a lasting impression on me. I think because this was a real tangible ministry that extended beyond the four walls of the church building and this pleased me greatly.”

Vanessa not only found a way to support a person in need, she went above and beyond by becoming a JAMLAC board member and impact partner to do more!. “I could see that someone that I knew personally wasn’t lost in the shuffle, or ignored, or minimized, but rather she was dignified and that’s a cause I can reach into my pocket for, because that’s Kingdom Work, here on earth,” Vanessa exclaimed.  Thanks to the blessings of her business, “He Reigns,” she is giving back to the community and bringing justice for the most vulnerable people in our city. “I believe in this cause because I too am a survivor of domestic violence. As the daughter of immigrants, I too know how overwhelming the legal system can be for someone trying to make their way out of a very difficult and trying life circumstance.”

Vanessa’s passion for helping and transforming lives does not stop with JAMLAC. She truly excels by using her knowledge and call to serve to help people accomplish their dream of owning a home. Vanessa is an expert who truly loves what she does for a living, “I don’t just sell houses; I help my clients make short- and long-term life changing decisions,” Vanessa stated. Vanessa has helped hundreds of people buy, sell, and remodel houses since 1999 and is an actively involved donor in several organizations throughout our community.

Vanessa’s life goal is to SERVE her clients and help them find the right home for their needs. But above all, she takes the time to care about others and help them overcome difficult situations. On top of having a successful business and an impressive philanthropic outlook in life, she also has two beautiful boys, Carlos and Matteo, whom we are certain will be proud to follow their mother’s example.

Vanessa, thank you so much for being an inspiration and a very important part of this great cause! You are essential to JAMLAC and a beacon of hope in the life of many in our community.