Why Karrane Storz Partners with JAMLAC – The Interview!

Why Karrane Storz Partners with JAMLAC – The Interview!

How did you hear about JAMLAC, when and why did you get involved?  We became familiar with the work of JAMLAC after first partnering with Mile High Ministries and Joshua Station in the performance of various volunteer and fundraising activities.

Tell us about why you care about JAMLAC/legal aid – Why are you guys passionate and a believers in the cause?   As lawyers ourselves, we see how many people in our community are in dire need of legal assistance.  Unfortunately, the necessary legal assistance is largely unaffordable for most people.  That is why we do our work on a contingency fee basis and why we are so happy to support JAMLAC.  JAMLAC fills a big hole in our legal system by providing critical representation to people who otherwise couldn’t afford to pursue their rights.

Every year you guys put so much of yourselves to give back to the community and making this a unique event. What inspired you to do this every year?  JAMLAC has expertise in immigration law and family law that we do not have, so rather than ineptly performing “pro bono” work in these areas, we believe we can make a bigger difference by supporting the efforts of the accomplished lawyers at JAMLAC.

And why do you choose JAMLAC as your way to better our city?  Setting aside all of the logical and pragmatic reasons we support JAMLAC, we choose JAMLAC because, day in and day out, everyone at JAMLAC puts their heart and soul into making our city a better place for everyone!