With DACA, Marla’s Dream Continues to be Alive!

With DACA, Marla’s Dream Continues to be Alive!

When I was undocumented, I always thought that this was my country as borders, at my young age, were not something I understood. My parents fled from the poverty of Mexico. They used to make $120 a month and with a family of five there was barely enough to eat. The situation became worse as time went on and they decided to emigrate to the United States when I was only nine years old.

My dad managed to get a job installing flooring and gave us a better life. As I started to grow up, I realized that I was never going to be able to go to college, have a good paying job, or simply have decent medical insurance. But, when DACA arrived, I was able to get a social security number and a permit to work! This changed my life.

Thanks to the JAMLAC’s help, I have been able to renew my permit every two years and start fulfilling some of my dreams. After graduating from High School, I was finally able to get a driver’s license, I started building my credit, bought my first house, started a job as a teacher’s assistant, and had my own family without the fear of a potential family separation. Among my dreams, I would love to become an interior designer or a police officer. I used to see this as a frustrated dream. Now, I can see that it is only a matter of effort for me to accomplish it.

My dream of going to college continues to be alive and now there shouldn’t be any barriers to fulfilling that dream. I want to be an example for my three children. I am very thankful for JAMLAC and for being able to live in this country of opportunities.

 📝Find out here if you are eligible for DACA 👉🏼 https://jamlac.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/DACA-Initial-Eligibility.pdf

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