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Celebrating a Decade of Dedication: Amy Enriquez’s Journey with JAMLAC 

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Uncategorized

At JAMLAC, the dedication of staff is the cornerstone of our success! Amy Enriquez, one of our senior family law paralegals, is a beautiful example of that dedication. This month marks her remarkable 10-year tenure with us. Her story is a testament to her personal growth and JAMLAC’s unwavering commitment to nurturing and retaining its staff – a feat often challenging in the nonprofit sector. As we celebrate Amy’s decade-long journey, we also celebrate JAMLAC’s culture of loyalty and the professional development opportunities we’ve been able to provide to our devoted team members.

Amy’s journey with JAMLAC began as an intern, fueled by a passion for justice and community service. Over the years, her remarkable versatility and dedication saw her grow through various roles within the organization. Her progression from intern to an experienced family law paralegal is a powerful illustration of JAMLAC’s belief in the potential of its people. Known for her sweetness, patience, and helpful demeanor, Amy embodies the qualities we hold dear at JAMLAC. This month, as Amy transitions to the immigration department, she brings with her the same spirit of service and excellence that has been her hallmark. Her growth within JAMLAC mirrors our mission to empower our employees to expand their horizons and skill sets alongside the growth of our organization.