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  • Access to an attorney is one key factor that determines if a survivor of abuse will return to an abuser.
  • Immigrants are 10.5 times more likely to win their case if they have a lawyer.

JAMLAC provides support that often makes a profound difference in the outcome of our client’s lives.

Resilience Rewritten: Monica’s Journey to Freedom

woman and baby

In the depths of her struggle, Monica, a resilient soul with a story of hardship, sought help at JAMLAC. Monica’s journey was marked by the pursuit of justice, hope, and the yearning for a brighter future for her and her children. Faced with the daunting task of breaking away from an oppressive relationship, the path to freedom was fraught with obstacles.

 Trapped in a challenging situation where adversity often lurked in the shadows, Monica’s plea for help echoed with urgency. Her life had been marred by torment at the hands of her partner. The scars ran deep, etched into the hearts of her children, who had witnessed the difficulties their mother faced. Their fear cast a long shadow over their lives, but she held onto a fragile hope – the hope of safeguarding her children and herself by escaping this harrowing ordeal.

Monica’s ability to provide for her family had been stifled – her abuser had barred her from seeking employment. Her financial difficulties added further layers of complexity to her plight. Monica’s voice may have been muffled, but her resolve was unwavering, a testament to her incredible courage.

It was in this tumultuous journey that JAMLAC emerged as a lifeline, guiding Monica through the intricacies of the complex legal process. Together, we persevered, and in the end, justice prevailed. The court’s divorce order granted Monica the autonomy she sought, offering her not just freedom from abuse but also the promise of a new life for her and her children. Monica’s story is a poignant reminder of the transformative power of compassion, determination, and justice.

Raul’s Story and Lydia’s Story

For clients like Raul and Lydia, when an attorney is representing them, they are far more likely to stand up and receive a just solution.

“When I walked in there I felt like there was hope. I got 50/50 child custody, so I immediately went to see my son.”

JAMLAC’s services are life changing for people who experience injustice and need legal help.

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