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  • Access to an attorney is one key factor that determines if a survivor of abuse will return to an abuser.
  • Immigrants are 10.5 times more likely to win their case if they have a lawyer.

JAMLAC provides support that often makes a profound difference in the outcome of our client’s lives.

David’s Story

Not all children are surrounded by friends, toys, parks, and love. David, the 6-year-old son of a JAMLAC client, was surrounded by bruises, abuse, confusion, and threats.

In 2018, David was kidnapped by his father and brought from Guatemala to the U.S. Full of fear and hope, his mother, who was living in another state, contacted JAMLAC, and the Family Law team started working hard to help her get her son back. This process was very painful for David’s mother and all of us at JAMLAC. During all those months, we fought for his liberation and witnessed very heartbreaking moments.

“The father was constantly abusing his innocent child, emotionally and physically. He even trained him to threaten his mother. His teacher reported that he was bitten every time his mother managed to call him. Phrases like ‘my son will kill you with a knife’ or ‘I’m going to kill the whole family’ were very common from father. We managed to get him a visit with his mom over spring break, but when he returned to Denver, while still at the airport, the dad ripped the boy’s clothes off that mom had bought him. It was extremely sad, awful, and demeaning. The worst part was seeing how confused the boy was and how the dad was so proud of teaching the boy to hate his mom.” –Jose Escobar, JAMLAC’s Family Law Attorney.

Finally, after over a year of legal delays (father was represented by an attorney), frustration, and waiting for a final hearing, JAMLAC’s legal team helped David’s mom receive an order giving her full custody of David. He is now safe and living with his mom. His dad has no parenting time, and he will have to do many things before he can see David again.

Successful stories like this make us work harder every day. We know that one successful story not only positively changes the course of someone’s life but also helps our community in the long run. And we know this could not be possible without your support. Thank you for making it possible.

Raul’s Story and Lydia’s Story

For clients like Raul and Lydia, when an attorney is representing them, they are far more likely to stand up and receive a just solution.

“When I walked in there I felt like there was hope. I got 50/50 child custody, so I immediately went to see my son.”

JAMLAC’s services are life changing for people who experience injustice and need legal help.

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