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The need for representation in the Denver area far exceeds our capacity. With your help, we can serve more clients and provide the representation everyone deserves. We provide numerous volunteering opportunities, educational and fundraising events, and partnership opportunities to connect your passion and expertise to women surviving abuse and oppression. 

Support at a level:

Transform a Family


Access to an attorney is a key factor if a survivor returns to an abuser. Transform a family by providing one client with full legal representation.

Provide needed Guidance


Our one-on-one legal consultation helps an individual navigate their legal options.

Support at a level:

Sponsor a Workshop


Your support allows JAMLAC to host a free workshop on critical legal matters, educating the community on their legal rights.

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There are too many abused women in the Denver metro area forced to navigate the legal system. We need your support to help as many as possible. Thank you for giving whatever amount you are able.

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Many immigrants have limited English proficiency or understanding of America’s complex immigration system. Navigating the legal system alone is an enormous challenge. When you provide legal representation, you help determine whether someone is allowed to remain safely in the U.S. or is deported, facing harm and permanent separation from family. Most importantly, you empower oppressed immigrants to reach their full potential.


Victims, service providers, advocates, state administrators, and other allied professionals have identified legal services as the number one need to help survivors rebuild their lives in the aftermath of crime. Please allow a survivor to get access to an attorney, as this is one key factor determining if they will return to an abuser.


Many children are forced to “argue” their cases in court without legal representation. Through your support, you will walk alongside the children of our community as they face life-altering legal challenges and strengthen their ability to thrive, not just survive. Please help abused or abandoned children to be represented by an attorney and change their destiny.

Monthly Giving

Become a monthly RISE member today. Your monthly gift will transform lives through consistent support of JAMLAC. A monthly gift funds hope for our neighbors seeking justice. Give today!

$20 / month funds access to legal advice for a low-income family
$50 / month funds legal assistance for a juvenile immigrant
$100 / month funds full legal representation for a domestic violence victim

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