Our Process

Learn more about what happens when you contact us.

We use a series of steps to assist you. The information below shows what happens at each step, along with timeframes to help you plan ahead. Please be patient, we are working for you. You are not alone on your journey.


Contact Us

Once you contact us, our advocate will be in touch with you within two business days.


Meet with Advocate

  • Bring all documentation to your appointment.
  • Please do not bring children to your meetings.

After meeting with our advocate, we will let you know if we are able to provide you with more services within two weeks.



You may be scheduled to meet with an attorney.

  • This meeting does not guarantee representation; it is an opportunity for the attorney to gather more information and provide legal advice.
  • We strongly recommend that you bring all the legal documents necessary to evaluate your case.

After the consult, JAMLAC attorneys will take two weeks to review your documents and determine if they are able to take your case.


Get Representation

If we are able to take your case, we will provide free legal representation for you.

  • If a JAMLAC attorney is not able to take your case, we may connect you to a volunteer attorney through our Pro Bono Program.*

*For Pro Bono Program referrals, we cannot help with cases that have a court date within 3 weeks, since that is not sufficient time to get the case matched.


Potential Costs

Stay in touch with your attorney/legal team to get informed about the costs associated with some legal cases, including:

  • Court filing fees
  • Immigration filing fees
  • Notice by Publication
  • Mediation
  • Translation/Interpretation
  • Parenting Classes, etc.

Remember, JAMLAC does not charge for legal services and we will always work with you to see if fees can be reduced or waived.

You can track your Immigration case status online.

If you have an immigration case pending, click here to check the general status of your case online with your USCIS Receipt Number.

Refer to your receipt notice to find your form, category, and office. For more information about case processing times and reading your receipt notice, visit the More Information About Case Processing Times page.