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Dreams, Courage, and Family: Carmen and Jesus’ Journey to Citizenship

by | Aug 24, 2023 | Immigration

Let’s meet Carmen and Jesus, two extraordinary grandparents who have shown remarkable courage on their journey to fulfill their American dream. Their journey isn’t just about them; it’s about shaping a legacy for their children and grandchildren. As their hair turned silver and years passed by, the desire to become citizens of the United States burned even brighter within them.

Vicky Guerrero and Carmen Stevens, our superheroes from JAMLAC, saw their own dreams mirrored in Carmen and Jesus’ story. For our staff member, Carmen Stevens, sharing a name with one of them became a unique bond, connecting their stories in unexpected ways.

Carmen’s (client) journey began with the oath of citizenship, the pinnacle of years of hope and hard work. At the age of 75, she proved that determination knows no age and became a US Citizen! Facing the civics test, she showed resilience by confidently answering questions that echoed across generations.

Carmen’s story didn’t end there; it was a torch she carried to light the way for her beloved Jesus. Just recently, Carmen returned to our JAMLAC offices, accompanied by her husband, Jesus. In their eyes, you could see a spark of determination, a pledge to rise above challenges and stand proudly as citizens of their home.

Carmen and Jesus aren’t just seeking citizenship; they’re shining examples that dreams don’t fade, no matter how many years go by. They’re like beacons of hope, proving that courage can bloom at any age. Despite the sadness of losing her son to COVID, Carmen found strength in his memory, igniting her determination to chase her dreams.

In a heartwarming gesture, Carmen brought us cupcakes, spreading joy and sweetness throughout our office. When we asked her if she ever dreamed she would actually become a citizen, she replied with a resounding “YES.” Her positivity and certainty were like rays of sunlight, brightening our spirits.

Carmen and Jesus’ story is one of intertwined dreams, shared hopes, and a community coming together to light the way. In the radiant glow of their journey to citizenship, we witness the incredible potential within each of us. Their story is a reminder that we can overcome, transform, and leave an unforgettable mark on history.

As grandparents rewriting their family’s future, they show us that courage knows no age, and dreams can flourish, no matter how long they’ve been nurtured. Their journey speaks of resilience, unity, and the remarkable power of the human heart to achieve what it once dreamed.