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Empowering 50 Asylum Seekers

by | May 30, 2023 | Uncategorized

Last Friday’s workshop allowed us to assist 50 asylum seekers in updating their address – which is essential for compliance with the immigration process.

Unfortunately we had to turn away 20 people who were standing outside our door at the last workshop, so we are excited to announce our second workshop, which will take place on June 23 at 10am.

Join us in celebrating the tremendous success of our recent workshop! A heartfelt round of applause goes out to our dedicated Immigration Staff, led by our Co-founder and Immigration Director Sulma Mendoza, Workshop Coordinator Vicky Guerrero, and our Pro Bono Director Carolyn. Their exceptional efforts in organizing last Friday’s workshop allowed us to assist 50 asylum seekers in changing their addresses to different agencies, ensuring that they will now receive essential documents such as court hearings or USCIS interview notices by mail. If they miss a court date or important information, they can be automatically deported. 

Many have faced persecution and grave human rights violations in their home countries. We are immensely grateful for our outstanding team and extend our thanks to the community leaders who helped us with registrations.

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