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The Long Road to Justice for Adrianne

by | Mar 28, 2023 | Domestic Violence, Family Law, Uncategorized

A Complex Legal Battle

“Natalie came to our office two years ago with a complicated situation. She was seeking a divorce and custody orders for her young child, but was also seeking custody orders for her teenage stepdaughter, Adrianne, who she had been raising for close to 10 years. Adrianne’s Father, Natalie’s husband had a history of domestic violence and drug use, as well as a child abuse charge and had recently locked Natalie in her office and tortured her for hours. He had been in and out of jail for months.

Our office was able to help Natalie with her divorce, but most importantly was able to help Natalie gain custody of her stepdaughter. Adrianne was terrified that she would be required to live with her dad and face his drug addictions and abuse alone. Natalie was the only stable parent Adrienne had ever had, and she was scared to lose that connection.

However, after a two-year court battle, Natalie was able to gain sole decision-making and full custody of Adrianne. Adrienne now feels safe living with her stepmother and no longer fears being forced to live with her dad”.Elizabeth Davidson, Family Law Attorney & Office Manager

“This particular case has been embedded in my heart because the client was so happy regarding our services. To see the joy on her face and to know that the child who is not biologically hers was going to be able to stay with the only stable parent she had ever known just warmed my heart. For this and many other reasons is why I am honored to work at JAMLAC, and this is what motivates me every day to keep doing the work we do!” – Claudia Rueda, Family Law Senior Paralegal.

Claudia Rueda

Family Law Senior Paralegal

Domestic violence can occur in any relationship, including romantic partnerships, family relationships, and household relationships. It is a serious issue that can have long-lasting effects on the victim and their family. Thanks to Elizabeth Davidson, Family Law Attorney, and Claudia Rueda, Family Law Senior Paralegal, Natalie and Adrienne are now living in a safe environment and are no longer in fear.

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