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Transforming Lives: The Impact of Arapahoe County’s Generosity on JAMLAC’s Mission

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Uncategorized

When Maria walked through the doors of the Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Center (JAMLAC), she carried the weight of the world on her shoulders. As a single mother facing divorce and battling for custody of her children, the complexities of the legal system felt like an insurmountable barrier. That was until JAMLAC, fueled by a $40,000 grant from Arapahoe County’s 2024 Aid to Agencies program, stepped in to provide the lifeline she desperately needed.

Thanks to the generous funding from Arapahoe County, JAMLAC was able to assign Maria a dedicated attorney who not only understood her legal challenges but also her fears and hopes for a better future. This isn’t just a story of legal assistance; it’s a narrative of hope restored and dignity reclaimed. Maria’s victory in court represents one of the many lives transformed by JAMLAC’s commitment to justice, a commitment bolstered by the grant that enables the center to reach more individuals like her. Nikki Koster, JAMLAC’s Development Director, reaffirms, “This grant is not just a contribution to our organization; it’s a direct investment in the well-being of our community.”

The story of Maria is a testament to the power of partnership and community support. As Arapahoe County and JAMLAC continue to work hand in hand, the ripple effect of this grant is felt far beyond the walls of the courtrooms—it’s witnessed in the renewed spirits of families and individuals across the county.

For more about JAMLAC’s vital work and the impact of the grant, contact Nikki Koster at 303-839-1008.