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Beyond a Simple Envelope

by | Apr 27, 2023 | Uncategorized

How Carlos’ Green Card Changed His Life Forever

“Carlos’ story is one that touched my heart deeply. From the moment he walked into our office in 2018, I knew that his case would be a challenging one. As a young Hispanic man, his struggles resonated with me because he was the same age as my own son. The fact that he had been a victim of severe sexual assault by a family member and had attempted suicide was heartbreaking. But we worked hard to bring justice to him and help him recover his dreams and life.  

Through our immigration program, Carlos was approved for a U-Visa, which was a huge step toward his permanent residency in the United States. And last week, I had the privilege of delivering the best news he could have received: he had been granted his green card. As I shared the news with him, I could hear the excitement in his voice. But it was his mother’s reaction that truly moved me. I had never heard someone cry tears of joy like she did that day. The whole family came to pick the card up, and I vividly remember telling his mom to touch the green card, to feel it in her hands, to know that it was real. And that’s when she broke down completely. 

To many, the green card may just be a simple “plastic card.” But for Carlos and his family, it means the world. It means that he can continue to pursue his dreams of building a life for himself and his loved ones, free from fear and uncertainty. 

Here at JAMLAC, we work tirelessly every day to make a difference in people’s lives. We may get tired, but stories like Carlos’ keep us going. As JAMLAC’s Immigration Director, I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who made this dream a reality. It is a reminder that no matter how challenging the journey may be, we can always find hope and joy along the way.”

Sulma Mendoza

JAMLAC’s Immigration Director