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 Reuniting Hearts!

by | May 25, 2023 | Uncategorized

Abel’s extraordinary journey— a tale of resilience, triumph, and heartfelt reunions. 

Abel and his beautiful wife with our amazing JAMLAC team!

Join us as we embark on Abel’s extraordinary journey— a tale of resilience, triumph, and heartfelt reunions. 

Abel, a cherished client who has been with us for years, faced emotional turmoil and financial challenges after a brutal assault at a local restaurant. Nevertheless, his spirit remained unyielding. Our JAMLAC’s dedicated immigration team fought tirelessly for Abel’s permanent status. Despite a three-year delay caused by the pandemic, Abel’s determination never faltered. Tragically, during this wait, his father, whom he had been separated from for decades, passed away. The pain of not being able to say goodbye weighed heavily on Abel and our entire team, for our clients are like family to us.

However, hope emerged from the darkness. Miraculously, Abel’s permanent resident case was approved, filling his heart with indescribable joy and gratitude. After a painful and protracted wait, Abel was finally able to go to Mexico and embraced his 90-year-old mother, ending 30 years of separation and reuniting a family torn apart by time and circumstance.

Abel is a construction hardworking individual and has always offered his services to us as a token of appreciation. Yet, the greatest testament to our impact lies in his pursuit of happiness and success. Sulma Mendoza, JAMLAC’s Co-Founder and Immigration Director, shared,

“I remember telling Abel once, ‘Just send me a picture of you and your mom. I want to see both of you reunited.’ And he did! A simple picture of Abel with his mom filled me with immense joy and pride in the transformative work we do here at JAMLAC. We are truly changing lives!”

Sulma Mendoza, JAMLAC’s Immigration Director

Abel’s story reminds us of the transformative power of our work. His visit to our office, bringing food as a token of gratitude, highlighted the positive impact our legal services have had on his life, his family, and future generations. We extend our deepest appreciation to everyone who made stories like Abel’s possible, and we remain committed to changing lives one person at a time.

Together, we are rewriting stories and bringing hope to those who need it most.