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From Last to First: Jose’s Journey to Hope at Our Work Permit Workshop

by | Apr 22, 2024 | Uncategorized

Last month, Jose a arrived at our Work Permit Workshop in a state of panic – breathless, sweating, and utterly exhausted. He was indeed the last person to arrive at the workshop. “I’ve been through so much just to get here,” he shared with Vicky, JAMLAC’s Workshop Coordinator and Immigration Paralegal. Jose was alone; he felt lost, had no family, no friends in the city, and felt this workshop was a matter of life and death for him.

A kind stranger offered him a lift after a morning filled with challenges, from attempting to take an Uber without money to frantically searching for a ride in the middle of the street. Jose’s journey was an example of the kindness of the community and the importance of the support we strive to provide at JAMLAC with the help of the City and other organizations and foundations.

Vicky calmed him and reassured him with a powerful message: “Don’t worry, remember what Jesus said, ‘The last shall be first.'” A reminder that often those who face the most significant struggles find strength and resilience along the way.

As we reflected over coffee post-workshop, Vicky noted, “This is all from God. He provides the means, sending angels when we most need them, often from where we least expect.”

Jose left our workshop not just with a completed Work Permit Applicaiton, but with renewed hope and a sense of belonging. We wish Jose and all who come to us seeking help the very best. Remember, your struggles do not define you. With support, the last can indeed become the first.

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