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Not All Is Lost – Lorena’s Appeal

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Immigration

Your support shines a light on difficult journeys – such as Lorena’s.

Lorena’s smile was not always so bright. She faced domestic violence every day and feared escaping because of her legal status. When she finally found the courage to do something about it, her U-Visa—a special visa for victims of crime —got denied because she couldn’t afford an attorney. This is the situation Lorena found herself in before she approached JAMLAC for help.

U-Visa appeals are extremely complex and can require a lot of resources. Because of this, JAMLAC rarely takes cases to appeal denied applications. However, this time, Sulma Mendoza, JAMLAC’s Immigration Director, knew she had to help Lorena. After learning of the hell she lived through, Sulma knew she had to take on this appeal.

Finally, after lots of work, long hours, and almost two years, JAMLAC received the great news it was patiently waiting for. Lorena’s appeal had been approved and her residency was now in Sulma’s hands. Lorena, after receiving the call from Sulma could not hold her tears and neither could we.

Shining a light into someone’s difficult journey, such as Lorena’s, is truly not possible without your support and donations. So, we thank you for supporting her path to justice and allowing us the privilege to be the conduit.

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