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JAMLAC’s new Department of Justice Accredited Representative!

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Immigration

We are happy to announce that our Immigration Paralegal, Carmen Stevens, will have a new role, she is now officially JAMLAC’s Department of Justice Accredited Representative! The DOJ’s recognition allows non-attorney staff to provide competent legal immigration representation to clients. This will increase the Immigration Department’s capacity to provide services to more clients.

The difference and impact will be life-changing for the clients who need pro bono immigration legal services and, in the past, might have been turned away for capacity issues.

Carmen was accredited at a previous position but had to go through a long reapplication when she came to JAMLAC.

“I can tell you from my previous experience that it was such an honor and responsibility to serve clients from the beginning of their case (consultation, gathering documents, submitting application) to receiving their approval, changing their status, and feeling safe with their children in this county. I am grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to serving our clients in this capacity now.”

Carmen Stevens.

In the future, JAMLAC envisions other staff getting the accreditation and increasing the capacity.