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Behind Every Attorney is an Amazing Paralegal

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Legal Aid

“There is no greater joy than to see my clients’ lives transformed. To walk alongside them through their journey and see the end result is priceless.” – Rosanna Mendoza-Rios, Senior Paralegal

Most times, we only hear about the great work attorneys do. However, behind every attorney is an amazing paralegal! At JAMLAC, paralegals assist, support, and guide both the attorney and the clients through the entire legal process in a very unique way. Every day, they help us not only understand and see situations from various viewpoints but also deal with the emotions of each case. 

Our outstanding paralegals help us look at the law from an ethical and moral point of view and help the clients understand their legal needs more logically. Not only do they grow as many cases go along with everyone involved, but they literally hold our clients’ hands and put their hearts into every case. We are grateful to be supported by them, as we know they give their all in every single case!

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